Science Bulletin Board Border Assignment

6th and 7th Grade information


A.         Homework assignment

Student created bulletin board borders

Material oak tag paper only

Use one piece do not staple pieces together

You may choose color you like

(just realize that white is the easiest color to work with)

Directions: Cut oak tag to required: Length 22.5 inches

Width 3 inches

you will be graded on the accuracy of your measuring

In the center of the border put you class number

large size numbers which are 2.5 inches tall

Decorate the border with hand drawn, downloaded or pictures cut from magazines

The pictures (depending on size probably about 4-7)

should represent topics or ideas reflective of science.

Make sure to leave enough empty space but not too much.

You may have patterns and decorations which are not your actual pictures.

To achieve Common Core Standards:

On a separate sheet of paper:

Write at least one paragraph for each of your pictures.

Include the following information for each picture.

a. Why did you choose this picture?

b. Which chapter and New York State science standard is related to your picture?