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Materials List

Chap 2 Energy

6th and 7th Grade Border Project


Learning to Learn Science

– The Real Deal -

Chap 8

Life’s Structure and Classification



Chap 9 sections 2 & 3

First Semester Handouts

Chapter 9

Chap 9 Study Skills & Core Guideline   (Email me  - how helpful is this?)

Current Events Rubric and Directions

Unit 4

(Chap 10 and 11)


Chap 9 Holiday Handout Directions


Chap 4 Info


Unit 4 –Chap 10 and 11

Grading Policy and Homework Rubric


1. Study guide for Chap 4 – Unit 2

 2. Additional Study Guide Outline


Additional Study update for Unit 4

Ann Landers – important lessons about life

Unit 2 Chap  6, 4, 5, information

Chap 6, Atmosphere, P160 170


The Deciduous Problem, of Unit 4


Student’s Advise


 “How to Be Successful”

Final Study Guide for Chap 6 , quiz and  answers


My photo essay, as a model, for the Think Small assignment

                           (Be patient it takes time to upload the pictures)

Unit 2 Link – Essential Question

and info for Chapters 6,5,4 and             all sections


 Ms. Gewuerz Wisdom Wednesday 

done 4/8/09 - dedicated to Earth Day 4/22


Guidelines & Details about Think Small

April Break Assignment


Machine Brochure


Finding the Density of a liquid


Science Journal                       (directions and Rubric)

Main Links


Earthday Trip Info

Trip and Assembly  date 5/19/09

5/16/09 update




for verses to print  Down Easter Alexa

Parts of an Experiment/Lab report


Parent meetings


Science Fair Information and Links


HW  foldable directions for 12/5/07

Lab format and information for pyramid lab


Directions for Homework due Monday 1/7/08



Controlled experiment and sci fair calendar

Interesting Links






Saving Fred


News for Parents


What We Have Studied So Far updated 5/3/08

What’s up this week 10/2/08 – 10/10/08


Current Homework 2008-2009



Silly Science (Silly Putty) Link

Information for Individual Classes


Tests/Exams/Assessments (updated 3/1/08)

Question of the Week – thru 11/15