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Materials List


Chapter 15 -16

Circulation - Respiration

Chap 2

Sect 1 - 3

Chap 16

Digestion nutrition excretion

Chap 7 Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Chap 3

New PPT Outline  Sect 1 -3

Chap 9

States of Matter

Chap 5

Clues to Earth’s Past

Chap 5

PPT for Sect 1 -3

Chapter 6

Plate tectonics

Asthenosphere update 1-26-10

Links for Rocks & Minerals

Chap 3

Chap 7

Power point Volcanoes

Chap 3 – shakin up the rocks

Rock Band Bio Draft Rubric 11/10/09

Reflection/Eval PDF

Chap 8

Power point Waves, Sound, Light

723 Speaks ! Ya Betta Lisson


Rocks and Minerals Lab Worksheet


Unit 1

Chap 14, 15, 16

Organ System Graphic organizer

Rock Band Bio Information

7th grade current events      

Directions & Rubric

Many Review Sheets

Science Bulletin Board Border Assignment

Parent meetings

Science Journal Prep and Rubrics

 Directions and Rubric


Graphic organizer  for Creating an Experiment

                                Variables, constants, hypothesis, etc

Rock Band Bio Information

Map for Latitude and Longitude

P29 of Resources

Contour Map

P30 of resources

Learning to Learn Science

 – The Real Deal -

Presented for the first time 3/22/09

Homework Rules and Guidelines                                                                             Critical

Chap 3 Rocks and Minerals   

Graphic organizers             

Chap 10

Other Important info

 Ms. Gewuerz Wisdom Wednesday 

done 4/8/09 - dedicated to Earth Day 4/22

Ann Landers – important lessons about life

Student’s Advise on “How to Be Successful” 2009 update

Finding the Density of a liquid


Main Links 2008-2009

Grading Policy and Homework Rubric 2008

First Semester Handouts

Parts of an Experiment/Lab report

Science Fair Information and Links

Controlled experiment and sci fair calendar

Interesting Links

Saving Fred