Crust, aesthenosphere, lithosphere, mantle etc


There are multiple ways this situation was viewed.


It can be looked at geologically which says there are three basic layers of the earth

  1. crust
  2. mantle
  3. core


each of the layers can be subdivided: ie

the core can be identified as the inner core

outer core


Tectonically speaking: which is what we do in this chapter


There are other layers

The lithosphere and the asthenosphere


The plates (of plate tectonics) are composed of the crust and part of the upper mantle.

The plates are like rafts that float on the plasticlike (softer more flexible) other part of the mantle


1.   The Lithosphere

These plates are rigid and less dense they float on the asthenosphere


Litho mean rock solid hence lithosphere which is the solid layers

The lithosphere:

is subdivided into:

the crust and

the upper mantle


2.   The asthenosphere

below the lithosphere

Plastic like means soft more flexible which is where these convection currents occur


3.  Summary of layers

Lithosphere upper most

Asthenosphere middle

Everything else including the core lowest