Think Small – April Holiday – Journal Assignment

Note: I thank all of the students that have asked clarifying questions and shown interest in doing this project to the best of their abilities

Your questions will help students for many classes to come!




1. Use a minimum of one page in your journal, (one side per day for eight days = 4 sheets of paper = 8 sides/pages)

2. Include each date in the Table of Contents

3. Put the date, as the Title, at the top of each page

4. Divide your page into three sections – and clearly write the title for each section

       skip lines, print clearly to be easy on the eyes

Section 1 – Think Small

Section 2 – Think Me – Community
Section 3 – Think Big – Weather


Help with topic details :

         Section 1 – think small

choose a small object that is alive and follow its changes over the next 8 days

                             Look at a bud on a tree, look at a blossom on a flower, look at an anthill

choose something tiny or small that is alive and will develop over the next few days

Spring brings great changes

                            Make your observations detailed to appreciate those changes

 - look at the model below

             Section 2 – think me – community

               Look at your community – your neighborhood – relax and see it and you as part of the community

                         Who is walkink there dog – describe them

                         What do you smell – use your senses – is there a bakery, a restaurant, a bus with diesel fumes

               Look at the model below as an example

             Section 3 – think large – weather

                         Examine the sky – feel the wind – report on the clouds, the rain, the weather

                         A requirement is to note the temperature daily    


5. You may use up to three pages for any one date but no less then one side/page

6. Your total pages should be a minimum of 8 sides but no larger then 15 total sides/pages

a.    In other words don’t use three sides/pages every day.

7. You are encouraged to:

draw a simple picture in any section or

take a picture and paste it in or

down load a related clip and paste it in

8. The work must be done in the journal – not typed on separate sheets of paper

       you are encouraged to type, then glue it into the correct place on the page, but there is no penalty if you hand write neatly


Note:  you are creating a keep sake, a science diary, a window into your world

           This assignment is meant to be enjoyable, don’t burden yourself, keep it simple but nice





The project is graded based on:

 a. Ability to follow directions

         b. Creativity – but be an honest reporter

 c. Detail of observation

 d. Quality of thought

 e. Quality of reporting


It is not graded on length – in fact, if it is longer then 15 sides – points are deducted (I have 170 students work to grade)

The value of the piece is yet to be determined – be advised it may count as at least two tests in value -


Rubric To Follow in a day or so


Minimum Examples but quality level 3 of 4:


Section 1 - Think Small –

I see a yellow dandelion bud – it is tightly closed with small bits of yellow sticking out from the center of the bud. I wonder when it will bloom and what the  next change will be?


Section 2 – Think Me

As I stand outside my door – I see a little old lady walking a small black dog, you can see she really likes the dog by how she waits for him and he doesn’t pull her. In the back round the smell of the local bakery creates a sweetness in the air. I wonder what they are baking today? I am happy, we have big plans for the day – maybe a movie or a trip to the shore, to see an estuary.


Section 3 – Think Big – Weather

It is pouring rain, first it lightning and thundered. Then hale, the size of small pebbles, came down, some plants were bent over by the hale but later they stood up again. The temperature today was 65 degrees and the sky was cloudy.


What do you think of the project?

Email me your comments.

Sit down with your parents and include them in your thinking.

Enjoy !!!