2013        & 2014


Important Notice



Supplies for Science


One Time Only: bring to school

1. A folder for portfolio

2. Box of tissues or roll of paper towels



The following items are required for use in school daily !


1.  A separate one inch, 3 ring binder

          a. Binder divided into the following sections

notes, returned homework, hw to hand in, handouts, misc

2.  Divider tabs for binder and later science journal (at least 10)

3. Two black or blue pens

4. 2 standard #2 pencils with erasers

5. Three hole punched, college ruled,  binder paper

6. Pencil holder clipped into binder

7. Erase Pink or Gum type  (optional)

8. Pencil Sharpener

9. pink, yellow or blue highlighters

10.  A  Watch


The following items are to be kept and used at home !


1. One three inch 3 ring binder

          Binder will be divided into sections for each semester


2. Stapler

3 . Extra paper for binder in school and home

4 . Rubber cement or Elmer’s Glue  for projects

5. Scissors, rulers(metric-at least 15 cm.), extra pens and pencils

6. Colored marking pens

7. Construction paper and oak tag as projects come up and are announced

8. index cards

9. copy paper 8 x 11

10. computer access with internet and cd player

          a.. MS Office with word, powerpoint and xcell

11. Scotch tape

12. oak tag paper  (full size) at least one sheet of white