The Rock Band Bio


You are a member of a newly forming Simm “Rock” Band

1. Create a name for your band

2. Create a name and character for yourself and your 5 other band members

ie: Iggy and the Ores – Metallica cover band, a real steel in the music industry

I am Auric Goldstick – etc etc etc

3. Describe all aspects of your and your band members’ appearance, personalities and characteristics

4. Discuss your and your “band” members’ creation and evolution



You are a rock and rocks can play instruments – remember this is a sim, a virtual world.

You must describe yourself and your band members as rocks using actual rock qualities true to the chosen rock or mineral.

Draw pictures



Expected minimum – a well written and researched  paper

5 quality points – a Powerpoint (voice or music additional) presentation

10 quality points – a 5 minute anime cartoon with audio

15 quality points – a 5-10 minute, well written and executed video in costume with audio


Follows rubric and all directions carefully


Rubric and qualities

To be posted shortly


Due date approximately 2 wks – date to be announced


       a weekly team conference and update

       guided self study of the chapter three curriculum

       complete and attend all labs done as academic scaffolding








Concepts and facts about rocks to include, learn and focus on

  1. What is a rock/
  2. How is a rock like or unlike a mineral/
    1. What is a jewel how is it different or the same as a mineral/

                                                    i.     All gems are minerals, all minerals are not jewels

  1. What are the general families of rocks/
  2. What are things that differentiate one rock from another member of its family?
  3. How did that affect a rocks development, appearance and quality?
  4. What qualities (tests are run) are used to classify and identify rocks and minerals?
  5. What is the rock cycle?
  6. What is the possible routes and processes a rock might go through till it is held in your hand and then let to return back to nature?
  7. What are some common rocks or minerals that we see or use in our daily life?
  8. 10 mineral characteristics
    1. crystal shape, cleavage/fracture/color, streak/luster, who scratches who, hardness (mohs scale)
  9. Specifics about individual rocks and minerals