Important Homework Information




I.                       Only Acceptable Heading




Homework # or title

Homeroom Class




Mary Jones

Due 1/23/09

Hw D or I.e Thinking About Caves

Class 768


II.                                                 General Instructions    (#s 1 - 12 below, each is important, know  and abide by them)


1. You must have your  name, class number & date due on the assignment   NO NAME = NO CREDIT, no questions please

Advisable is also a brief description


2. Multiple pages must be stapled AT HOME, with a name & class number on each page


3. If late due to absence – attach a small note stating late due to absence for one of the reasons below: (a or b)

a.   I was absent when it was due for collection


b.   I was absent when it was assigned.


4. If late and being handed in due to a teacherease email (assignment should be completed – credit is in doubt)

      Attach a print out of the grading software (ie Jupiter, snapgrades, teacherease email )


5. Always have homework in a place:

a.   easily found (a folder, a place in your binder)

b.   ready for collection


6. Generally, daily homework will either be checked during the Do Now or will be placed in a container on your desk .

    Row captains may do their analysis or another checking method employed.


7. Late homework is placed in a container at back of room (It may be looked over but credit is questionable)


8. You must always be ready for homework to be collected or gone over


9. DO NOT hand in homework unless it is requested

a.   homework may be collected and carefully graded after a test

b.   random home works will be requested from:

                                                  i.    a table

                                                 ii.    a group of people

                                                iii.    half of the room

                                                iv.    a particular gender

                                                 v.    from other assorted groups

it will all balance out in the final count


10. Get yourself at least two dependable homework buddies (between 4 or five is better)


11. If you miss an assignment, didn’t copy it down or lost the assignment:

a.   call your buddies

b.   look at teacherease

c.   look at the homework marble book in class


           12. And by all means – do your homework

                   it is meant as a learning and study tool