General topics of study for Chap 4 exam



            A. What will float or sink and its placement by density

            B. Consistency of density

            C. Mass and volume

a. Ability to talk and discuss about it

b. How changing one parameter can effect density

2. Understanding of processes involved in the water cycle and changes of state of materials

            A. Boiling

            B. Evaporation vs Vaporization

            C. Condensation

            D. Melting

            E. Freezing

3. Temperatures at which certain processes occur

            A. Boiling point

            B. Melting point

            C. Freezing point

4. Composition of matter

            A. States of matter

a. Molecular arrangements of states of matter

B. How a change of state affects density

5. Heat and thermal energy transfer

            A. Direction of flow

            B. Definitions

            C. How its addition or removal affects changes of state