Finding the Density of a Liquid (Water)


Materials: 20 ml of liquid (larger amounts are easier to work with but not mandatory)


Tools: Graduated cylinder (large enough to hold the desired amount of liquid)

Triple beam balance



Amount or result

  1. place empty graduated cylinder on triple beam balance and find the mass of the cylinder alone


50 grams

  1. place 20 ml of fluid into graduated cylinder



  1. place graduated cylinder with fluid in it on balance, find their combined masses


70 grams

  1. subtract mass of empty cylinder from the combined mass of the cylinder and fluid to find the mass of the fluid


70 grams (combined)

        50 grams (empty)

20 grams mass of liquid

  1. density = mass/ volume




  1. fluid density = mass/ volume


20 grams/ 20 ml.


Reduced fraction = fluid density of 1gram per milliliter of water or density water = 1 gm/ml.