Compound Machine Sales Brochure


About the machine


•Create an imaginary compound machine, name it, describe the   simple machines that it is made of

•Describe the benefits of your made  up machine

• Why is this machine so wonderful?

       a. how will it save time

       b. save my energy

       c. make my life better

       d. why is this thing a machine – according to science  terms


About the brochure format

·       3 fold brochure

·       Picture, machine name, your name and class number on front flap

·       Only need only write on the inner three flaps

and the 1 outer title flap

·       The flaps or columns read down the page not across

·       A good idea is to type it then paste onto the brochure or use a brochure maker if you have one on MS Word or Wordperfect or some other word processor or publisher


My example: (This would get about a 2 – it is just a fast example – it took me five minutes to write)

I have created a machine called a lawnomatic

One of the chores I hate (not really) is mowing the lawn

This machine mows the lawn for me

All I have to do is press a button, which starts the motor, the head light on the front of the machine tells which grass is the tallest and it only cuts those pieces of grass. When done it throws out the clippings itself, drives itself to the garage and turns off.

There are many simple machines in my lawnomatic - the button is a lever, the blades are wedges, the wheels are wheel and axle and the motor has pulleys, gears, levers and other simple machines. It has many benefits – it saves me time because I don’t have to cut the grass anymore, I can now put my energy into playing with my gameboy, my life is much better because I have gotten to level four and all my friends think that is great. It is a compound machine because it has many simple machines. It is a machine because it allows me to do a job with less effort (input) and the output (the job) gets done faster and makes my life easier.


Another example:

My machine is called a wedge-o-wonder.

Wedges are wonderful simple machines. They have so many purposes like door stops, scissors, knifes, nails, and other things. My wedge-o-wonder is wonderful because all I do is set a dial which has the details of what wedge I want, put the raw material down a chute and out the other end comes my perfectly formed wedge or wedges. (Etc, et,c etc, I wrote etc because I think you get the main idea)