Unit 4

Chapters 10 and 11

Pages 282 - 339

Priorities and Connections


As usual - All highlighted information in the text is good to know – no surprise there

Always do all the online quizzes and reviews on the glencoe website

                        Once you know what you have gotten wrong – find out why and learn it


Chapter 10


        Understand the meaning of photosynthesis and respiration

            What are the chemicals involved?

Understand that plants and animals respire – only plants photosynthesize

(this is why plants are called producers)

Know that: sugar is the important material that stores energy from the sun

                  Plants clean the air of CO2 during photosynthesis

                            Plants and animals release CO2 when they respire

                   Water vapor is released during respiration

                        Transpiration is the act where water vapor goes into the atmosphere and enters the water cycle from a living thing (biotic)

                    Water vapor entering the atmosphere from an abiotic place (lake, ocean, stream) is called evaporation

Photosynthesis and respiration are sort of opposites of each other – study them to see why  


Lock the facts of wind into your bank- your mind – it’s formation is an important concept and that knowledge will help later

                        Simply put – the picture on 289 of the text is really clear and a good visual!

                                    Look at the picture and read the words – make the connection, learn it.


Section 3 of this Chapter is really important – some is review but it puts all the info together


There is more for Chap 10 but lets look over Chap 11 for now


Chapter 11

Section 1

System – a group of parts that work together to make a whole functioning thing – remember we studied the system in the cafeteria and defined  its parts?

Ecosystem – groups of organisms (many populations) interacting with each other and their environment (the biotic and abiotic working together)

            This is looked thru the flow of energy and the use and reuse (cycling and recycling of matter – materials)


Section 2

To be continued – enough for one day